The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) recently took a giant leap forward in strengthening its digital capabilities. On December 6 and 7, DSWD, through its Office of the CIO (OCIO) and the ICT Management Service (ICTMS), hosted an essential workshop focusing on Disaster Recovery (DRw) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP). This initiative marks a significant effort by DSWD to ensure that its services to the public remain consistent and uninterrupted.

The event, held in the bustling city of Angeles, Pampanga, was not just a meeting of minds but a testament to the power of collaborative leadership. Initiated by the ICT team of CAR, lead by its Regional Director, Mr. Leo Quintilla, and graciously hosted by Ms. Venus Rebuldela, Regional Director for Field Office 3, the workshop became a melting pot of ideas and strategies from ICT leaders across various DSWD field offices.

Assistant Secretary Julius Gorospe, CIO of DSWD, highlighted the importance of this initiative: “Our digital tools are more than just technology – they are vital in reaching out to and supporting our most vulnerable communities. This workshop aligns our disaster recovery and business continuity plans with our broader digital transformation goals, a key strategy led by Secretary Rex Gatchalian and mandated by President Marcos.”

Director Christian Joseph M. Regunay of ICTMS added, noting, “Given our country’s susceptibility to natural disasters, preparing robust DR and BCP strategies is essential. This workshop lays a solid foundation for a resilient DSWD, equipping us to handle various ICT risks, from cyber threats to natural disasters and other technical challenges.”

The workshop underscored the necessity for a comprehensive BCP to keep DSWD’s crucial services running during disruptions and a well-crafted DR plan to restore IT systems and data quickly. This plan is more than just a best practice; it’s an investment in enhancing the trust and confidence of the stakeholders and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Echoing these sentiments, Regional Director Leo Quintilla remarked, “Working together proactively is crucial. This workshop represents a significant step towards a digitally resilient DSWD, always ready to serve our beneficiaries without interruption.”

Regional Director Venus Rebuldela, reflecting on hosting the event, said, “Welcoming this pivotal workshop to Pampanga is a clear sign of our united commitment to strengthen DSWD’s digital infrastructure, ensuring our services are always reliable, no matter the situation.”

As DSWD navigates the challenges of the digital era, such initiatives are crucial in ensuring the department continues to serve millions effectively, adhering to international standards, and maintaining operational excellence.