More than a mere financial aid

Financially crippled, that is how Julia de Asis Concepcion would describe their previous life status, but when Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program came, according to her, it is as if a crutch was given to them.

“We belong to a poor family but our lives changed when we became beneficiaries of Pantawid. Our financial problem was solved, all thanks to the cash grants we received,” testified Julia.

She also availed the additional capital assistance from the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) last February 2015 which she used to start up a small business as a seller/ dealer of beauty products.

As a Pantawid beneficiary, Julia was able to further develop her intellectual ability and social skills. She became the president of the organization called CARMELA which has 20 members. She also became a Parent Leader of Sibacan, for almost 2 years now. She was able to attend seminars like Educ Child Parenting Program and Family Development Sessions.

She is also active in community activities like Feeding Programs where she assists in cooking and serving food to the children. She became the General Parents Teachers Association (PTA) at MP Cuaderno Sr. Memorial Elementary School as well. She also helped in building a new waiting shed in the school from the successful campaign of Pirma Mo Tulong Mo.

Julia and her husband also plants trees and vegetables in the school which earned them the recognition as Dakila Ka Itay, Dakila Ka Inay. But more notably, she also accompanies and assists some of her co-beneficiaries in the hospital and in settling their requirements in availing medical assistance. ###

Dreams Do Come True

Mrs. Zenaida D. Aquino is a beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program since 2012 (Set 5A). She has three kids, her eldest Jozen Rose has her own family and also a beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilya Set 7E, then the middle child Lanzien Josh is currently a grade 5 student, and Zshiene Bert, the youngest, is in Grade 4. They are both enrolled in Casupanan Elementary School, Palihan, Hermosa, Bataan. Zenaida’s husband Lamberto is a permanent foreman who is assigned almost everywhere in Luzon.

Their family faced a problem when Lanzien Josh suffers from a heart disease. He underwent a heart surgery last summer of 2014. The surgery went very well. After Lanzien has fully recovered, he then came back to school. As of today, Lanzien is now going to a series of check-up and laboratories because his doctor is suspecting that his heart ailment is coming back.

Mrs. Aquino currently owns a Sari-Sari Store in front of their house. Her small business helps a lot in their everyday expenses especially Lanzien is on medication for his heart ailment and Mrs. Aquino is in maintenance medication for her Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. She earns around 300-400 pesos daily. Then her husband earns around 5000 to 6000 every two weeks. He sent allowance for her through money remittance center whenever he is assigned far from home, for practicality’s sake.

Their house is located in an agaw lupa (disputed land)—a flood prone area. Last 2013, they experienced heavy flooding caused by Typhoon Habagat. The flood reached the roof of their house. After the horrifying experienced, she promise to herself to renovate their house and make a second floor. Now her promise has come true. The couple save up for the construction of the second floor of their house; from bahay kubo, their new home is now concrete and solid. Really, Dreams do come true. ###

Learning from the Students

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program beneficiaries, as they flaunt their productivities.
Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program beneficiaries, as they flaunt their productivities.

Sta. Maria, Bulacan —Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program members heed and keep an eye on the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Sta. Maria students’ directions during the Skills Training Seminar last February 17, 2016, at the Training Center, Municipal Hall of Sta. Maria.

“Hindi sila nakakailang turuan, kahit mas matanda sila sa amin at mga nanay, kasi willing talaga silang matuto. Nanghihingi pa nga sila ng handouts (We don’t feel uncomfortable teaching them, though they are older than us and already mothers, for they are really willing to learn. They are even asking for handouts,” shared Rose Ann De Guzman, daughter of a Pantawid beneficiary and one of the training facilitator, as well.

Seminar, Trends, and Issues (ENMA 1043) is one of the subject-course for the graduating students of the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BS Entrep) at PUP. As one of the subject requirements, the students were to conduct a skills training in their chosen area. Upon hearing this, Municipal Action Team (MAT) leader Emmanuel Ryan Francisco, Project Development Officer II, put forward to give the skills training to the interested Pantawid members. Incidentally, some of the BS Entrep students are children of Pantawid grantees. Francisco together with Rose Ann, led in the coordination of two parties (The Pantawid beneficiaries and the group of graduating students).

Thirty Pantawid beneficiaries were able to participate in the training with two representatives per barangay of the municipality of Sta. Maria, so that there will be a resounding effect when they go back to their area. The participants were chosen based on the matching approach anchored in the Social Welfare and Development Indicator (SWDI) skills profiling.

The SWDI serves as a tool of the DSWD in the provision of interventions and services particularly under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. It also serves as the main case management tool to determine the status of well-being of the households.

“Excited po kami kasi magkakaroon kami ng pwedeng pagkuhanan sa pang-araw araw na gastos lalo na sa katulad naming may mga anak na nag-aaral (We are all excited for we are to learn something that we can make profit of, for the daily expenses, especially that we have children in school,” said Cecilia Mendoza, a Parent-Leader.

During the morning session the participants were taught of pudding and cheese stick making, inspired from the business of Rose Ann and her two classmates Riza and Armando. In the afternoon session, the participants were taught of graham ball and pastillas making, inspired from the business of Jasmin Lucia, one of the BS Entrep students.

The seminar ended with the awarding of certificates of the participants, followed by a photo opp. ### (Andyleen C. Feje)

Jaen Nueva Ecija wins Gawad Listahanan


City of San Fernanado, Pampanga – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) awarded Jaen Nueva Ecija in the recent Gawad Listahanan under the municipal government category during the 65th DSWD anniversary.
Gawad Listahanan is an award that aims to recognize LGUs as the Department’s data sharing partners and advocates of objective targeting of social protection beneficiaries. It confers award to LGUs for providing services and assistance to the Listahanan identified poor families and promotes the complementation and convergence of all social protection stakeholders on the identified poor to effectively address the different aspects of poverty.

The contest has three categories: Municipal, City and Provincial Government category.

According to Paperlyn U. Pablo, MSWDO, the municipality appreciated the Listahanan Database shared by the DSWD on the List of Poor Households in the community. On 2014, the database for the list of poor households was received. Based on Listahanan database, a total of 10,289 poor women in Municipality of Jaen were registered. Maybe not all poor women needs to be empowered, not all of them needs assistance, not all of them are willing to change their lifestyles but the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Jaen believes that we have to do our parts to locate those identified poor women, determine their current situations, create program and services that will benefit those in vulnerable conditions to uplift their way of living.

The Listahanan served as main source of the MSWD Office in the provision of basic social services since 2013. The validation of identified 10,289 poor women as part of sectoral group was facilitated by the Listahanan volunteers, KALIPI officers and MSWDO staff. It was found out that more than 35% of names listed are children/girls but majority belongs to poor households.

Formulation of advocacy campaign was facilitated which then was called “Listahanan Habit”. All Barangay Councils of LGU Jaen were encouraged to use the Listahanan database as their reference in strategic planning and providing services to their poor constituents. In order to understand and realize the importance of Listahanan database, the MSWDO conducted orientation to all Barangay Captains of Jaen together with the Local Chief Executive. The printed copy of Listahanan database was awarded and shared to them after the orientation. In order for the people be familiarized with the project, tarpaulins on “Listahanan Habit” were hanged in MSWD office and barangay halls as part of the advocacy.

The municipality of Jaen received cash prize and a plaque. ### (F.T. Sanga, Jr.)

Paying it Forward: Jerryson Alcantara’s Story of Change

A peak of the Jerryson Alcantara’s store situated at the Pasalubong Center of Baler, Aurora
A peak of the Jerryson Alcantara’s store
situated at the Pasalubong Center of Baler, Aurora

The impact of success is better measured by its rippling effect, more so, by its ability to “pay it forward”. This is the story of Jerryson Alcantara, who, from a program participant of the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP), became an entrepreneur managing his own business and now was able to employ 10 other beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

Starting with three high-speed sewing machines, Jerryson and his wife established their bag-making business in 2011 after they both stopped working as factory workers. They started producing knapsacks, backpacks and accepted repair works from the Philippine army that is stationed in Baler Aurora. On the same year, Jerryson was assessed and evaluated by Domingo Casandig, Project Development Officer, for possible participation in the Sustainable Livelihood Program and provision of capital assistance. In 2012, he received a total of P10,000.00 capital augmentation which he utilized to purchase cloth materials, textiles and accessories that later on increased his production.

With continuous hard work and dedication, Jerryson’s project grew fast as the demand for their products continuously increased. Hence, to answer the demand, they hired sewers while Jerryson still does the cutting and his wife introduced their products to the public markets. They later on registered their business with the Department of Trade and Industry under the name “Aura Bags Collections” in order to compete in bigger sales and transactions.

Establishing a business is truly only for the risk takers and Jerryson considers himself as one. By registering his bag-making project, he has accepted the challenge to continuously expand and multiply his productions while maintaining the quality of durability and variety, which his products have been known for.

Who would have thought that from being a program participant himself, Jerryson is now able to pay it forward by generating employment to other members of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. At present, he was able to employ three sewers, two cutters and five sales attendants. Moreover, he and his wife assist other groups and SKAs in the province of Aurora by serving as an outlet and show window of other Aurora products such as sabutan fans, bags and purses of the KKK SKA. The rippling effect of his success is made evident by his initiative to help others that also lead them to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

To date, Jerryson has already acquired seven high speed sewing machines from the three he started with and now earns an average of P60,000.00 per month. Also, his previous one store location has now expanded into three and these stores are consistently being visited by tourists who come to the surfing capital of the Philippines. His house is now under construction and he has already acquired a van which he utilizes for delivery of his products.

“The true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success”, said Cullen Hightower. And this was personified by Jerryson Alcantara, who did not stop climbing the ladder of success by merely generating his own income but also by assisting and allowing other program participants to attain their own livelihood and sustainability. ###

Labor of Love

Sto. Cristo

Narcisa Dagdagan Paraso is the first woman Barangay Chairperson in the history of her barangay. Before becoming a Punong Barangay, she once served the Catholic Church as a Barangay Pastoral President. In 2010 she became the first barangay councilor, and she was elected as Chairwoman in 2013.

Aside from other activities in barangay, she is also involved in organizing assemblies that helps her barangay to be more active in community development. She does this in democratic way where she encourages her subordinates and the people involved to participate in brainstorming, organizing and making decision. She acts as facilitator in the group. This way she lets the people decide, initiate and be more active participant in the community.

Before, their barangay is a flood-prone area, and the road, during rainy season is mud-filled while during dry season is dust-filled. But when Kalahi-CIDSS came in their barangay, Capt. Paraso saw a glimpse of chance for their barangay, for Kalahi-CIDSS had given them a better perspective in life. She then made her community people see that they can still do something to improve the current status of their barangay. They can be the one to identify and at the same time solve the problem in their community. She then became a better leader because of Kalahi-CIDSS.

Capt. Paraso exudes the eagerness to involve the people in any activities especially during barangay assembly. She makes sure 80 percent participation of household present in the assembly. She gives the people the importance of involving themselves as residents of their barangay reminding them that they have the right to know what is happening in their place. And she clearly states that this is not just to comply with the 80 percent participation but to include the resident in decision making. This is to see to it that the majority of people know the status of the program or project in barangay such as: updates, finances, IRA and other matter.

During the assembly, Hon. Paraso inclusively encourages her residents to be more participative in the meeting, and she always welcomes the people’s suggestions and recommendations in the improvement of good governance. She has made sure that the people involved play great role in barangay, and she insures that they do their task given to them.

Capt. Paraso is an overseer, facilitator, and encourager; she is also an active doer or player; she is a type of leader who does not only tell people what to do but she demonstrates how to get things done. Just this last typhoon Lando she tied up with the different NGOs and other church organizations to provide her people immediate needs with this time of crisis. According to the community volunteers, the nominee is the most supportive chairwoman that the Barangay has ever had with regard to the activities, meetings, trainings in community development. They also mentioned that she does not just support them morally but also financially, and lastly they added that they feel the captain’s motherly love in all her dealings.

These characteristics of her was inspired and development from her moral values, and the additional learnings from the Program Kalahi CIDSS-NCDDP. For all the above mentioned labor and effort, she and their community is recognized as the Best Local Executive office on National Bayani Ka Awards last February 9, 2016 among all the barangays in the Philippines covered by the program. But most importantly, they now have a road of 5mx1.136 km with sectional concreting of .3 km and cross drain. ###

Strong foothold, big dreams and success


“Mahalaga ang edukasyon ng aming anak, iyon lang ang maipapamana namin sa kanila”. This is the foundation of Baclig family in Barangay Laboy, Dipaculao, Aurora. Endowed with five broods, Kuya Florentino and Ate Ceferina are blessed to have children that are God fearing, achievers and have strong value foundation. Though, they are not economically blessed.

Even though, for Baclig couple, their children are their treasures, their source of inspiration and the reason for their hard work. With such, the couple is determined and passionate to support their children to reach their dreams and make the most of their potential. Their inspiration then double when it was revealed to them that the government is always ther to serve as a helping hand.

Armed with perseverance, strong faith, hard work and united dream, Baclig family is an epitome of a model family in its true significance as they beamed with simplicity, contentment and bedrock of values.

Kuya Florentino is a humorous partner and father to his family but has fierce determination and relentless passion to provide for his children. He is a laborer in Trabahong Lansangan, he is grateful to have experienced to be employed in an agency like DPWH. Accordingly, he performs his tasks with zealous and ardent effort so as to subsidize to the family’s needs.

During weekends without work, he spends hours on their small farm lot as a contributory income and also finds time to work in their vegetable garden consisted of ampalaya, sitaw, gabi, kamote, saging and talong. Additionally, Kuya Florentino has a small fish pen with several tilapia that serve as the viand of the family for they no longer need to sell it all since they are getting assistance from the government’s program Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

Ate Ceferina, on the other hand, has a sari-sari store and likewise peddles snacks at school. They also have a small pig pen and several poultry that contributes to the daily food subsidence of their children. In essence, healthy living practice can be observed in Baclig family since the children have no history of malnutrition and they have healthy physical bodies. Ate Ceferina frequently cooks vegetables as their viands and she always manages to serve fruits to ensure that the children have balanced nutrition. The family also has their Faith garden that supplies their vegetable and fruit needs.

Amidst their hard work, Baclig family still manage to maintain their faith by attending church service actively. They spend some time at Sabang beach in Baler, Aurora that serves as their family bonding paving the way for strengthened family values and solidity. Their steadfast faith reflects their unison and common dream to reach social development. The open communication between parents and children is the perceived reason why the family is close and is able to surpass challenges along their way.

Baclig children composed of Lynching, Lorna, John Arman, Florence and Richard exudes academic excellence as apparent to the infinite number of medals, ribbons and certificates received by the children and are organized in their sala. The eldest, Lynching is currently enrolled at Central Luzon State University taking up Agri- Business and is on her third year already with a dream to work in a business firm someday. At present, Lorna is on Grade 9 at Dipaculao National High School and awarded as the 2nd honor of her class last March 2015; her lifelong dream is to become Marine Engineer in the near future. John Arman, on the other hand, is also awarded in their Moving Up Ceremony last March 2015 and dreamed to pursue Agriculture since he wanted to cultivate their farm lot and help their father in farming. Meanwhile, Florence graduated Valedictorian last March 2015 and expressed her dream to become a successful Civil Engineer. Being the youngest, Richard is observed to have same determination just like his siblings.

Good naturedly, Kuya Florentino and Ate Ceferina unveil a helping nature whenever a community member is in dire need. Attested by neighbors and relatives, the couple is labeled as “madaling lapitan kapag nangangailangan”.

Currently, Kuya Florentino is the PTA Vice President of Dipaculao National High School and the PTA President of Laboy Elementary School that signifies his belief that education is integral to a child and that parents should partake in making this possible. In the same light, Kuya Florentino acts as the Secretary of a farmer’s organization where he constantly attends seminars and educational classes that enrich his knowledge on farming and agriculture. Significantly, he completed his term as a Barangay Councilor that proves that more than a family man; he is also a productive member of the community.

Ate Ceferina is a Parent Leader assisting her co-members with the program implementation and facilitating the flow of communication among Pantawid Pamilya families. She has the willingness to share her learning’s and knowledge to her members as reflected by their faithful compliance to conditionalities. Ate Ceferina encourages her members to participate in community development programs and act as active citizens as well as participative in any community undertaking. She is also the President of KALIPI association in Barangay Laboy.

The couple are both active citizens for they believed that along with the government’s assistance, the Filipino family can have better status in life. The combined skills of the couple alongside their genuine service in the program had been the key in identifying them as one of the Parent Leaders that are invited as guests in the radio program of Philippine Information Agency on March 18, 2015 at DZJO Catholic Media Network. Together with Parent Leaders from Maria Aurora, San Luis and Baler, they acted as advocates of “Kaya Ko Ang Pagbabago” and shared to the listeners on how Pantawid Pamilya changed their humble lives.

Kuya Florentino, as a father, projects a role model to his two sons and this is demonstrated by not engaging in vices and living healthily. In another note, Ate Ceferina as a wife and mother offers unconditional love by assuring that her family’s needs are taken care of and daily needs are well provided. Lorna, the second oldest child shared that they are proud to be Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries and they wanted to inspire other students not to be stopped by poverty in reaching their dreams instead motivate themselves to be freed from poverty through education. Oftentimes, the children will hear their parents saying “lagi kayong magtipid para may magamit baling araw”. This life quote touches their heart and fueled them to study harder as a pledge to the abounding effort of their parents. With the way of safeguarding their future, Florence openly shared that their parents are instilling life values that serves as their precious motivation.

Enthused by the dream to uplift the family’s plight of poverty, the couple has invested in their children by prioritizing their education and honing them to become productive members of the community. Kuya Florentino and Ate Ceferina undoubtedly longed for the day when they see their children become successful in reaching their dreams and continuing intergenerational value for education. The couple shared their message to their co-partner beneficiaries to value the program and utilize the lessons of Family Development Sessions so as to realize its contribution to overcome poverty. Further, they wanted to leave a message of encouragement to PantawidPamilya beneficiaries to love their children first and foremost. Without them realizing, Baclig family is indeed a PantawidPamilya family to be proud of.

Seniors laud door-to-door delivery of Social Pension grants in Central Luzon

 Labis po ang aking pasasalamat sa ating Pangulong Aquino at sa DSWD dahil sa pagpapatupad at pagpapalawak ng sakop ng Social Pension program. Talagang napakalaking tulong po nito sa amin.-  Rosario Andres Resulta, Social Pension beneficiary from Brgy. Abagon, Gerona, Tarlac
Labis po ang aking pasasalamat sa ating Pangulong Aquino at sa DSWD dahil sa pagpapatupad at pagpapalawak ng sakop ng Social Pension program. Talagang napakalaking tulong po nito sa amin.- Rosario Andres Resulta, Social Pension beneficiary from Brgy. Abagon, Gerona, Tarlac

“Higit sa lahat, nagpapasalamat din ako sa ngalan ng mga Senior Citizens sa aming barangay na isa sa mga nakabenepisyo ng bagong serbisyo pagde-deliver ng aming pension sa aming bahay.”

Rosario Resulta, 78 years old stressed in her testimony during the culminating activity of the DSWD’s 65th Anniversary celebration at Malacanang Palace on February 2.

Nanay Charing of Brgy. Abagon, Gerona, Tarlac became the sole breadwinner of her family after her husband’s death in 1964. She has four children- three are now married and one single who assist in taking care of his brother-in-law since he suffered stroke.

Ako po at lahat ng pamilya ng aking mga anak ay masasabing mahirap. Dati akong caretaker ng isang pamilya ngunit kalaunan ay naging palipat-lipat sa aking mga anak at kamag-anak. Nagtinda rin ako ng mga gulay sa palengke. At kahit madali nang mapagod dahil sa katandaan, nagpatuloy pa din ako upang hindi maging pabigat sa aking mga anak. Tumigil lang po ako at nakapagpahinga kahit papaano nang magsimula akong tumanggap ng social pension, Nanay Charing said.

Nanay Charing is one of the 69,513 indigent senior citizens served under the Social Pension Program in Central Luzon in 2015. She is also one of the 32,460 older persons from Central Luzon who now benefits from the door-to-door delivery of stipends/grants under the Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens (SPISC) that started in October 2015.

The door-to-door scheme developed after the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was executed between the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office III (DSWD FO III) and the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB), a private commercial banking corporation.

On October 26, 2015, DSWD Field Office III Regional Director Gemma B. Gabuya, Director Pacita Sarino of the DSWD-Protective Services Bureau, San Felipe MSWDO Rowell Villanueva, and representatives from Veterans Bank led the first door-to-door delivery of the SPISC stipends in San Felipe, Zambales.

Victoria Dumaual and Amado Acenas of Barangay Amagna, San Felipe, Zambales are among the 32,460 senior citizens who will benefit from this scheme. “Malaking tulong po ito sa amin dahil dito na mismo sa bahay dadalhin ang pension ng nanay ko,” said Domingo Dumaual, son of the 79-year-old Victoria Dumaual, the first beneficiary who received her grant through this scheme.

Amado Acenas, 80 years old is another social pensioner who received his grant through the door-to-door delivery. Amado’s wife, Lapaz Acenas said this is a great relief for her because she will no longer go to town during the pay-out. “Four years nang nakaratay ang asawa ko dahil naatake sya at malaking ginhawa ito sa akin dahil namamasukan ako bilang tagalinis ng isang bahay. Malaking tulong po ang pension ng mister ko dahil di sapat ang kinikita kong P2,000 sa isang buwan,” Mrs. Acenas added.

Mary Jean Balico, head of Social Pension Unit said that the DSWD FO III some 32,460 seniors aged 65 and above in selected cities and municipalities in Central Luzon benefited from this scheme. The seniors were among the identified beneficiaries of SPISC based on the result of the data generated by the Listahanan or National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) of the DSWD.

DSWD, the lead agency in the implementation of the SPISC, has identified PVB which has the capabilities to perform the service of distributing the cash grants/stipends to SPISC beneficiaries in selected cities and municipalities in the region. PVB was procured through public bidding and the MOA is in accordance to RA 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR).

The PVB has started implementing the pay-out of the grants/stipends to SPISC beneficiaries via door-to-door delivery in their respective addresses in accordance with the master list from DSWD. Pay-out should be completed within 30 calendar days from PVB’s receipt of the check and master list.

Based on the MOA, PVB shall release the grant only to the SPISC beneficiary and will not release the grant to a representative even if armed with a special power of attorney. PVB shall only pay beneficiaries who have complied with the requirements.

DSWD shall pay PVB a service fee of P100.00 for every grant/stipend successfully delivered and paid out.

To date, there are 64,288 indigent senior citizens who are benefiting from SPISC in Region III. Other means of disbursing the grants are through pay-out or fund transfer to the local government units (LGUs).

The grant/stipend under the SPISC is an additional government assistance given to indigent senior citizens pursuant to Republic Act No. 9994 also known as Expanded Senior citizens Act of 2010. It aims to augment the daily subsistence and other medical needs of Filipino indigent senior citizens.

Under the operational guidelines issued by the DSWD, senior citizens who are 65 years old and above and who meet the eligibility criteria will benefit from this program. All qualified senior citizens shall receive their P500 monthly social pension on a quarterly basis in the first month of each quarter.

Indigent senior citizens are those who are frail, sick, disabled, not receiving monthly pension from Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Social Security System (SSS), Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO), Armed Forces of the Philippines Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (AFPSLAI) and other private insurance companies. Senior citizens who do not have permanent source of income or regular support from their families or relatives are also qualified to avail of the program.

“Labis po ang aking pasasalamat sa ating Pangulong Aquino at sa DSWD dahil sa pagpapatupad at pagpapalawak ng sakop ng Social Pension program. Talagang napakalaking tulong po nito sa amin,” Nanay Charing said.

Higit sa lahat, nagpapasalamat din ako sa ngalan ng mga Senior Citizens sa aming barangay na isa sa mga nakabenepisyo ng bagong serbisyo na pagde-deliver ng aming pension sa aming bahay. Hindi na po kami nahihirapan sa pamasahe at sa pagpila, lalo na po at ang iba sa amin ay may sakit at naka-wheelchair na. Muli po ay pinaabot ko ang taos-pusong pasasalamat at nawa ay magpatuloy at lumawak pa ang serbisyong ito, Nanay Charing concluded. ###