“Mahalaga ang edukasyon ng aming anak, iyon lang ang maipapamana namin sa kanila”. This is the foundation of Baclig family in Barangay Laboy, Dipaculao, Aurora. Endowed with five broods, Kuya Florentino and Ate Ceferina are blessed to have children that are God fearing, achievers and have strong value foundation. Though, they are not economically blessed.

Even though, for Baclig couple, their children are their treasures, their source of inspiration and the reason for their hard work. With such, the couple is determined and passionate to support their children to reach their dreams and make the most of their potential. Their inspiration then double when it was revealed to them that the government is always ther to serve as a helping hand.

Armed with perseverance, strong faith, hard work and united dream, Baclig family is an epitome of a model family in its true significance as they beamed with simplicity, contentment and bedrock of values.

Kuya Florentino is a humorous partner and father to his family but has fierce determination and relentless passion to provide for his children. He is a laborer in Trabahong Lansangan, he is grateful to have experienced to be employed in an agency like DPWH. Accordingly, he performs his tasks with zealous and ardent effort so as to subsidize to the family’s needs.

During weekends without work, he spends hours on their small farm lot as a contributory income and also finds time to work in their vegetable garden consisted of ampalaya, sitaw, gabi, kamote, saging and talong. Additionally, Kuya Florentino has a small fish pen with several tilapia that serve as the viand of the family for they no longer need to sell it all since they are getting assistance from the government’s program Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

Ate Ceferina, on the other hand, has a sari-sari store and likewise peddles snacks at school. They also have a small pig pen and several poultry that contributes to the daily food subsidence of their children. In essence, healthy living practice can be observed in Baclig family since the children have no history of malnutrition and they have healthy physical bodies. Ate Ceferina frequently cooks vegetables as their viands and she always manages to serve fruits to ensure that the children have balanced nutrition. The family also has their Faith garden that supplies their vegetable and fruit needs.

Amidst their hard work, Baclig family still manage to maintain their faith by attending church service actively. They spend some time at Sabang beach in Baler, Aurora that serves as their family bonding paving the way for strengthened family values and solidity. Their steadfast faith reflects their unison and common dream to reach social development. The open communication between parents and children is the perceived reason why the family is close and is able to surpass challenges along their way.

Baclig children composed of Lynching, Lorna, John Arman, Florence and Richard exudes academic excellence as apparent to the infinite number of medals, ribbons and certificates received by the children and are organized in their sala. The eldest, Lynching is currently enrolled at Central Luzon State University taking up Agri- Business and is on her third year already with a dream to work in a business firm someday. At present, Lorna is on Grade 9 at Dipaculao National High School and awarded as the 2nd honor of her class last March 2015; her lifelong dream is to become Marine Engineer in the near future. John Arman, on the other hand, is also awarded in their Moving Up Ceremony last March 2015 and dreamed to pursue Agriculture since he wanted to cultivate their farm lot and help their father in farming. Meanwhile, Florence graduated Valedictorian last March 2015 and expressed her dream to become a successful Civil Engineer. Being the youngest, Richard is observed to have same determination just like his siblings.

Good naturedly, Kuya Florentino and Ate Ceferina unveil a helping nature whenever a community member is in dire need. Attested by neighbors and relatives, the couple is labeled as “madaling lapitan kapag nangangailangan”.

Currently, Kuya Florentino is the PTA Vice President of Dipaculao National High School and the PTA President of Laboy Elementary School that signifies his belief that education is integral to a child and that parents should partake in making this possible. In the same light, Kuya Florentino acts as the Secretary of a farmer’s organization where he constantly attends seminars and educational classes that enrich his knowledge on farming and agriculture. Significantly, he completed his term as a Barangay Councilor that proves that more than a family man; he is also a productive member of the community.

Ate Ceferina is a Parent Leader assisting her co-members with the program implementation and facilitating the flow of communication among Pantawid Pamilya families. She has the willingness to share her learning’s and knowledge to her members as reflected by their faithful compliance to conditionalities. Ate Ceferina encourages her members to participate in community development programs and act as active citizens as well as participative in any community undertaking. She is also the President of KALIPI association in Barangay Laboy.

The couple are both active citizens for they believed that along with the government’s assistance, the Filipino family can have better status in life. The combined skills of the couple alongside their genuine service in the program had been the key in identifying them as one of the Parent Leaders that are invited as guests in the radio program of Philippine Information Agency on March 18, 2015 at DZJO Catholic Media Network. Together with Parent Leaders from Maria Aurora, San Luis and Baler, they acted as advocates of “Kaya Ko Ang Pagbabago” and shared to the listeners on how Pantawid Pamilya changed their humble lives.

Kuya Florentino, as a father, projects a role model to his two sons and this is demonstrated by not engaging in vices and living healthily. In another note, Ate Ceferina as a wife and mother offers unconditional love by assuring that her family’s needs are taken care of and daily needs are well provided. Lorna, the second oldest child shared that they are proud to be Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries and they wanted to inspire other students not to be stopped by poverty in reaching their dreams instead motivate themselves to be freed from poverty through education. Oftentimes, the children will hear their parents saying “lagi kayong magtipid para may magamit baling araw”. This life quote touches their heart and fueled them to study harder as a pledge to the abounding effort of their parents. With the way of safeguarding their future, Florence openly shared that their parents are instilling life values that serves as their precious motivation.

Enthused by the dream to uplift the family’s plight of poverty, the couple has invested in their children by prioritizing their education and honing them to become productive members of the community. Kuya Florentino and Ate Ceferina undoubtedly longed for the day when they see their children become successful in reaching their dreams and continuing intergenerational value for education. The couple shared their message to their co-partner beneficiaries to value the program and utilize the lessons of Family Development Sessions so as to realize its contribution to overcome poverty. Further, they wanted to leave a message of encouragement to PantawidPamilya beneficiaries to love their children first and foremost. Without them realizing, Baclig family is indeed a PantawidPamilya family to be proud of.